Our People

Under the laws of Australia, and also the commitment of the members of the Board, the general principle is that no one in any position shall receive any income or salary, except for unavoidable business expenses. All members are committed to providing free services.

Management Board:

President: Dr Van Nguyen, Professor, University of New South Wales, Professor of Sydney University.

Venerable Thich Chan Tuyen (in charge of Division of Melbourne, Australia) Secretary

Venerable Thich Huong Thien (in charge of Division of Sydney, Australia) Treasurer

Mr Timothy Sheil, Public Officer


Executive Board:

Venerable Thich Minh Duc (in charge of Seniority & Disability Division of Bordeaux, France)

Venerable Thich Tri Anh (Abbess of Linh Son temple, Reims, France)

Mrs Chan Tue in partnership with Quan The Am Buddhist Association in Perth (in charge of Division of Perth Western Australia)

Venerable Thich Nguyen Hoa (Member of Central Committee of Vietnam Buddhist Congregation, Vietnam)

Venerable Thich Minh Duc, in charge of Young People Division of Houston, Texas, USA

Mr Truc Nguyen (Media Production Section)

Professor Dr Bui Duy T, ( in charge of medical & professional training Division in San Francisco, USA)

Mr Leonardo Escobar Esq, (in charge of Division of Manila Philippines)


Medical Executive Team:

Professor Dr Bui Duy T, ( in charge of medical & professional training Division in San Francisco, USA)

Dr Wali Islam (Medical Training Section, Sydney Australia)


Asset Custodian Board:

Robert Chong (ex-Manager of Samsung Corporation, in charge of Assest Custodian Management, Sydney Australia)

Timothy Walter (Fund Manager)


Volunteers Management:

Sister Anie Bunker

Rev. Thich Hung Ngo

Volunteers list of more than 200 people actively engaged in Humanitarian Programs available upon registered request. They have devoted their time, money, skills and hearts to make the  programs a success. Thanks to all volunteers.

Organization Chart

2014 01 15 IBO organization chart (download in PDF format)

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