Our Mission


World Peace on Compassion and Wisdom

Dear Friends.

“There is no social class in the red blood nor in the salty tears”

There are inevitable continuous crises in the planet we are living:
1. Environmental problems which have severely affected the Earth and living conditions of our people and future of our children.
2. Continuous destruction of natural resources
3. Corruption of morality and social orders
4. Increasing diseases such as AIDS and epidemics of the less developing countries
5. Destruction of spiritual bases and faith which is necessary for building a sustainable compassionate equitable society.
6. Continuous Wars between countries and people causing death to hundred millions of people

These problems are not only affecting individually but the society at large. What solutions do we have for solving the World’s epidemic and immoral conduct ? What solutions do we have for the discriminated distribution of food and medicine to the poor people in the World ? What solutions do we have for inevitable wars when countries are racing to increase their nuclear powers ?

Dear Friends

We can solve these problems by deep understanding, tolerance, willing cooperation, cheerful smiles and helping hands regardless of differences of skin colors, ideologies or social viewpoints.

We have inside ourselves (i) the unlimited compassion, and (ii) our great source of wisdom. What we need now is to wholeheartedly work together for a sustainable solution of peace using our wisdom, loving kindness , and compassionate hearts. We cannot have peace in the World if we do not have it in our heart. We need to transform our Hearts for Peace.

We shall by our tolerance together eliminate all conflicts on this planet by concrete practical cooperative actions via compassion and wisdom. This is, I believe, our most important mission in our lifetime. Together we can change the World for better future.

I wish that this Peace Message on Compassion and Wisdom shall become reality in a shortest time

I wish you well and happy All Ways


Venerable Dr Thich Minh Tam

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