Wheelchairs Program



Thanks due to Australian Consulate General, Philippines Consulate General, American Consulate General and the UNICEF office in Vietnam, Philippines for their diplomatic supports in delivering the wheelchairs to the disabled children.

Australian Consulate General in Vietnam ( generous supporter)


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BAO GIAO THONG 2014 05 06 JPEG 3 - Trao Qua - Tac gia - Pham Thi Ai Nghia

Donating Wheelchairs to the Poor Disabled orphans and people, victims of Agent Orange in various cities.

Wheelchairs are donated by Rotary International. Each container has 166 wheelchairs. Thanks to the generosity of the Rotary International. Our Organization donated shipping costs. The shipping cost is $5000 per container inclusively. The local overseas recipient organization or our division overseas paid the assembling cost, and distribution cost which amounts up $5000. Each wheelchair worth $200..

On our budget, every year we donate 166 wheelchairs to disabled children in Vietnam, 166 same to disabled people in Bangladesh, 166 to disabled children in Philippines and 166 to disabled children in Cambodia. Each year, the Wheelchairs Program cost us on our budget $20,000. Our overseas divisions donate the same amount $20,000.00.

While we have not received any grant or material supports from the Australian government during the last 10 years, we are grateful for the political supports from the Australian Diplomatic Missions overseas in Vietnam. Philippines, Bangladesh and Cambodia. They are always at our sides in the ceremonies for distributing the wheelchairs to the poorest disabled children.

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